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The second home:
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Secondary residences in Austria

Second and secondary residences are now a rarity in Austria and are therefore in high demand, especially among international buyers, as there is no requirement to establish a main residence in Austria. A major exception here is Vienna - one of the most liveable cities in the world – where is no main residence requirement! Find out more about our real estate offers in Vienna here.

According to, the classification as a secondary residence is as follows:

"In contrast to a main residence, it is sufficient for someone to be classified as a "secondary residence" if they merely have a point of contact with this accommodation - for example to study, work or regularly spend their leisure time there. The intention behind this can be proven or be evident from the circumstances. In terms of time, it is sufficient if there is a connecting factor for at least a certain period of time ("until further notice"). In total, any number of "secondary residences" can be established." (Source)

Advantages of second homes

  • Local flexibility
  • Investment opportunities
  • Rental income for tourist rentals
  • Retirement provision

However, it is important to obtain detailed information and advice on the applicable legislation, as secondary residences are defined in the regional planning laws of the individual federal states.

Secondary residences in Spain and Dubai

We also offer you a large portfolio of properties on the Balearic island of Mallorca and in the metropolis of Dubai which are suitable as second homes. 

  • Mallorca: The Balearic Islands are known for their white sandy beaches, pleasantly mild temperatures and optimal accessibility all year round. You can enjoy the sun on Mallorca in both summer and winter and create your own personal retreat.
  • Dubai: In recent years, Dubai has become a popular second home destination, especially among Europeans. The strong economic growth, attractive investment opportunities and high quality of life speak for the glittering pearl on the Persian Gulf.