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"What do our customers say about us?"

Nothing is impossible!

We are facing an almost impossible task: Moving from Berlin to Salzburg with a family of four and find just the right new home where everyone feels comfortable. That's when we met you and suddenly everything was so easy! With your professional support and your great personal commitment, you were able to find our dream apartment in Leopoldskron in a short time. You have dealt intensively with our needs and made a targeted search. That's customer focus in practice!

Thorsen Kastner

They take care of you here!

Engaging several brokers just to sell a house? Never again! We wasted valuable time because there was no progress for a long time. It was only after we got to know you that we really felt well looked after and learned how important it is to entrust the broker with and an exclusive brokerage agreement. Thanks to your excellent customer relations and professional handling, you found a suitable buyer for our Villa am Heuberg within two months.

Anna-Maria Weber

Size does not matter!

It is a nice to feel you are taken seriously and professionally cared for even when you are just a small tenant. You and your team have taken care of me and my concern for finding a small rental apartment in Salzburg, and you have shown the commitment that no one else has shown before. Now I am happily landed in a wonderful yet affordable oasis in the middle of the old town. Fantastic!

Stephan Beck

Always up to date

When you entrust the sale of your property to a broker, you somehow feel you are handing over the control of the whole process too. Or so we thought! Far from it, because when selling our own home in the 18th  district in Vienna, your employee kept us up to date on the current status of the sales process at every stage.
There are true professionals at work here!

Erwin Langmoser

Keeping an eye on everything

We expected a baby and therefore we had two requirements: Purchasing a house with garden and selling our previous 3-room apartment. We never thought both of these could be taken care of so smoothly. But thanks to your professional support and consideration for our family situation, everything went like clockwork. You can never take care of everything at the same time on your own. Fortunately, there are experts who keep an eye on everything!

Andreas und Susanne Lang

The all-inclusive package

What one gets with you is something like an all-inclusive package. That's how I experienced it when you sold two of my condos in Kitzbühel with best of terms while I was busy working at home in Germany. Thanks to your expertise and negotiating skills you succeeded within a short time. Thank you for the top performance and excellent advice!

Joachim Schmidt