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Living in the popular west of Austria

In recent years, Western Austria has been enjoying a boom as a real estate location that had previously never been considered possible.

Properties, houses, apartments, rooms and sites are more popular than ever, especially in one of the country's westernmost regions, in Tyrol. Not only are properties being leased and bought for private occupancy, but businesses are also choosing to set up shop in the heart of the Alps.

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Anyone wanting to start a career is best starting with an office in the Alps. You are sure to find business or office premises to meet your needs among Tyrol's districts. 

Whether you want a central location, i.e. directly in Innsbruck, or even one of the neighbouring towns and skiing regions.

Not only is Innsbruck city district experiencing a population increase, but the districts of Innsbruck-Land, Landeck, Reutte, Kufstein, Kitzbühel, Schwaz, Lienz, Wörgl and all other areas of the region are enjoying vast popularity.

The natural location, available infrastructure and intact working landscape are all helping to boost the population in the west.

A natural location particularly popular among families with children

Tyrol offers the chance to find a property such as a single-family home with garden, terrace and basement, joined by ideal transport connections and a sunny location.

Western Austria also has plenty to offer in the way of second homes, as holidaying in the mountains is simply not possible for many Austrians.

But how can you find an apartment and ideally, for a good price?

To find a site, location or house you want quickly and easily, it can be worth looking online or even doing some research in regional print media.

What matters is that you are able to restrict your ideas as well as possible to help move on with your search quickly and easily.

Given that the regions in Tyrol and above all, Innsbruck, don't come cheap, it's important to start your search as early as possible and to restrict it as much as possible.

Your property search itself should take into account the desired purchase or rental price, while the desired m² size should also already be roughly specified. It's also important to know how high you can go with your capital investment.

The more restrictive your search inputs and the earlier you start your search, the more likely you are to find a suitable property to suit your wishes.

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