Villas and Mansions in Germany

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Villas & Mansions in Germany

The shrewd investor will find that one of the hottest real estate opportunities today is a villa in Germany. After the recession, investors have found that one of the best places to invest their money is in something tangible, like a traditional Germany villa overlooking Lake Constanz. The German real estate market continues to explode, with new construction is being spurred on all over Germany by exploding prices.

Why Invest in a Germany Villa?

As a result of low interest rates, low unemployment, increased migration to Germany, urbanization, and a steadily growing economy, demand for real estate is increasing all over Germany, especially in Berlin and in cities like Frankfurt and Munich. Rather than constituting a bubble, the rising prices are more of a normalization of previously undervalued properties, according to a study by Institute for Real Estate Economy in Regensburg. A Germany Villa could be the ideal way to for a high-yield but relatively certain investment.

Marlies Muhr Real Estate

When you're looking for a Germany villa, German rules and regulations can sometimes complicate a process. Purchasing or selling a Germany villa is a once in a lifetime decision and something that you want to make sure you do right. That's why you should turn to Marlies Muhr Real Estate as your trusted real estate partner.

Originally doing business in Austria, the owner-operated Marlies Muhr Real Estate has recently moved on to also dealing with Germany villas. Operating internationally in Germany and Italy as well as nationally in Austria, Marlies Muhr has offices in Salzburg, Vienna, and Kitzbühel.

After working the real estate sector for over twenty years, Marlies Muhr Real Estate has built up an international web of contacts within the industry. Relying on proven expertise, they hand select exclusive properties of all kinds, including

  • City Villas
  • Country Homes
  • Penthouse Apartments
  • Farms
  • Farmhouses
  • Germany Villas
  • Hunting Estates
  • Commercial Properties
  • Investment Properties
  • Land Plots

How Marlies Muhr does business

Marlies Muhr relies in individual counseling to make sure that we don't offer our discerning clients any properties that are just "off the shelf." Instead, we take the time to develop a relationship and get to know your expectations so that we can provide the best fit for your Germany villa needs. At Marlies Muhr Real Estate, we always remember that "Our reputation relies on our client's satisfaction."