Luxury Estates & Homes in Germany

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Luxury Estates & Homes in Germany

When it comes to Germany luxury estates, your investment opportunities have as much variety as German itself. Would you rather put your money into German luxury homes facing the Baltic Sea, or rather have German luxury homes with a beautiful view of the Alps in Bavaria? Regardless of what you're looking for, Marlies Muhr Real Estate is your professional partner in Germany.

Marlies Muhr Real Estate

Originally an Austrian company, Marlies Muhr Real Estate has been dealing in German luxury estates for over twenty years. Still owner operated after all this time, our firm has built up an extensive network of contacts over the years on whom we rely to provide even the most discerning clients with properties that meet their expectations.

At Marlies Muhr Real Estate, we'll never offer you any off-the-shelf properties. Rather than leaving you to negotiate the sometimes bewildering German real estate market by yourself, we provide individualized consultation to ensure that we have a thorough understands of your goals and expectations for your Germany luxury estate. After understanding how we can best help you to meet your real estate goals, we will present you with handpicked properties from all across Germany. By providing a customized solution, we can ensure that you will be fully satisfied with your new Germany luxury homes.

Germany is a land of breathtaking natural beauty with forests, mountains, and seas, but also with dynamic cities like Munich, Berlin, and Hamburg. To make sure that we can best meet the needs of our clients, Marlies Muhr Real Estate's experienced team personally selects German luxury homes from all over Germany. Our portfolio includes the following kinds of properties:

  • Land Plots
  • Houses
  • Germany luxury homes
  • Farms
  • Commercial Properties
  • Investment Properties