Luxury Estates & Homes in Italy

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Luxury Estates & Homes in Italy

Have you ever dreamt of owning an Italy luxury estate? From the Toscana to the Dolomites, our portfolio at Marlies Muhr Real Estate encompasses Italian luxury homes in only the most beautiful regions of Italy, such as Lake Garda, Lignano or Grado.

Marlies Muhr Real Estate

Owning an Italy luxury estate is the ultimate retreat from everyday life. With a history, cuisine, and landscapes unlike anywhere else in the world, an Italian luxury home would be a fantastic second residence. Despite perceived difficulties with the Italian real estate market, George Soros has recently made an investment in the segment, showing his confidence in what is considered by many to be an underrated European real estate market.

Marlies Muhr is an owner-operated firm operating out of Austria for twenty years. During that time, our team has had the opportunity to build up a network of contacts in the real estate sector in Germany, Italy, and Austria. These excellent contacts give us an edge when it comes to bringing together the best possible properties for our clients. We recommend that we have a conversation so that we can have the best possible understanding of what your requirements are for your Italy luxury estate, after which we will present you with the properties best suited for your requirements.

Navigating a foreign real estate market can be difficult, so having someone on the ground who already knows the ropes is key. Buying or selling a home is often a once in a lifetime decision, and proper professional advice can guarantee that the outcome of the transaction is to the full satisfaction of all parties involved. At Marlies Muhr Real Estate, our motto is "the satisfaction of our customers is our reputation."