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Apartments in Salzburg


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DESIGNER DG-WOHNUNG in ZENTRALER STADTLAGE vis-á-vis zum Salzach-Kai bietet hohe Lebensqualität!

AUT-5020 Salzburg

Living Area: 85 qm

Purchase Price: 578.000,00 €
Provint: 3% plus 20% taxes

Penthouse-Leben im urbanen Schallmoos

AUT-5020 Salzburg

Living Area: 77 qm

Purchase Price: 550.000,00 €
Provint: 3% plus 20% taxes


AUT-5020 Salzburg

Living Area: 216 qm

Purchase Price: 2.450.000,00 €
Provint: 3% plus 20% taxes

Aussichtslage Bad Gastein - 4-Zimmer-Wohnung mit Prädikat "Touristisch wertvoll"!

AUT-5640 Bad Gastein

Living Area: 133 qm

Purchase Price: 790.000,00 €
Provint: 3% plus 20% taxes

SALZBURG / PARSCH - Lichtblicke im Frühling

AUT-5020 Salzburg

Living Area: 70 qm

Rent: 713,90 € zzgl. NK
Provint: 3% plus 20% taxes

RIEDENBURG STERNBRAUEREI: Elegant luxury residence in the midst of perfect infrastructure!

AUT-5020 Salzburg

Living Area: 153 qm

Purchase Price: 1.680.000,00 €
Provint: 3% plus 20% taxes

RUHELAGE GNEIS: 133 m² Dachterrassen-Wohnung - hier ist Wohlfühlen Trumpf!

AUT-5020 Salzburg

Living Area: 133 qm

Purchase Price: 965.000,00 €
Provint: 3% plus 20% taxes

AUSSICHTSLAGE IN MATTSEE! Moderne Wohnung samt Sonne, See und Wohnkultur

AUT-5163 Mattsee

Living Area: 87 qm

Rent: 1.600,00 € zzgl. NK
Provint: 3% plus 20% taxes

Angezeigt werden die Objekte 1 bis 8.

Apartments in Salzburg

Rapidly increasing prices in the Austrian real estate market have attracted attention from investors all over the world. In Tyrol, prices have gone up by a steady 3% per year, but the current undervaluation of choice property is a country-wide phenomenon. Take advantage of these developments and look into buying Salzburg apartments. At Marlies Muhr Real Estate we want to help you make a sound investment in the City of Salzburg. Our portfolio contains luxury Salzburg apartments, commercial properties, plots of land, penthouses, and much more.
At Marlies Muhr Real Estate, clients can rest assured that they will have access to some of the most extraordinary real estate on the market. Our discrete, competent staff will engage with you personally every step of the way, starting with an initial non-binding conversation and ending with your successful acquisition of a high quality Salzburg apartment.

Our diverse portfolio has something for every kind of client:

  • Unique real estate: hunting estates, forest estates, and even palaces
  • Luxury Salzburg apartments in Salzburg's best districts
  • Investment properties and housing complexes
  • Country farmhouses in the Salzburg countryside and the Salzkammergut
  • Exquisite houses and villas in and around the city of Mozart

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The Marlies Muhr Exclusive Service

Our excellent contacts and decades of experience will make your search for Salzburg real estate a breeze. Let us do the legwork, and focus on asking yourself exactly what kind of real estate acquisition you want to make. We specialize in making real estate dreams a reality and have been doing so for over twenty years. Our office on location in Salzburg has a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the Salzburg real estate market, and with our advice you'll be able to take advantage of both short term and long term trends.