Living in Salzburg

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Purchasing a Home in Austria


Facts and Figures

Size: 83,871 sq km
Population: 8.3 million
Form of government: federal republic
EU member since 1995
Capital: Vienna (1.69 million residents)


European Union

EU citizens and Austrians are equal under law. That means that any restrictions on purchasing a property set by the individual provinces which may exist apply to all parties. On the other hand, each province has special regulations in place governing the purchase of property by non-EU citizens. The provincial governments can provide more detailed information.


Regions and Prices

Up until a short time ago, the countryside around Salzburg and the state of Tyrol were the most in-demand regions due to their proximity to Bavaria and the easy connection to highways and other forms of transportation. Due to the increased presence of low-cost airlines, however, the provinces located further south, such as Carinthia and Styria, have also seen an increase in demand. The prices for homes and lots are extremely dependant on the property’s individual location (lakeside view, neighbors, connection to highways and other forms of transportation, infrastructure), in comparison to the rest of the EU, however, they are still extremely moderate.


Nine Provinces, Nine Sets of Laws

Each province has its own real estate laws.

*   Austria is politically divided into nine provinces. The laws governing the transfer and purchase of real estate are not determined by the federal government in Vienna, but rather by the individual provincial governments.

*   EU citizens enjoy the same rights as Austrians. However, they are required to obtain approval by the appropriate authorities within the respective province before signing a purchase agreement.

*   The land registry office must have this authorization on hand before the property is legally transferred to the buyer.

*   Most provinces place certain restrictions on the purchase of properties as vacation homes. In regions frequented by tourists, the idea is to avoid ‘selling off the homeland’ to part-time residents.

*   The respective provincial governments determine the regions where second homes are even allowed to be purchased.

*   Those that purchase a primary residence are subject to tax in Austria. Thanks to the low tax rates (compared to other countries around the world), this can be extremely advantageous.


Purchase prices of luxury apartments

A chart comparing the purchase price of luxury apartments per sq m in cities around the world
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Energy Performance Certificate

The energy performance certificate (in German) – download PDF


Property & taxation in Austria

The taxation of immovable property in Austria: download PDF
Investing in Austria - An overview of the current tax system: download PDF